Sorry, Mr. Edison. As of January 1st, 2014, the official phase-out of incandescent bulbs wraps up a long history for the humble little lightbulb.

The importation or domestic manufacturing of incandescent bulbs are now banned and along with them leaves the colored filament lightbulb as well. Staple to dorm rooms, nightclubs, landscapers or anyone dabbling in home decor, alternatives exist, but each has challenges.

Colored CFL bulbs are twice the price of the old incandescent colored bulbs. LEDs are either prohibitively expensive in higher wattages or at cheaper prices, barely brighten the room they're placed in.

Luckily Moodies were invented just in time as this phase out began. Now we have a colorful, durable, inexpensive, alternative on the market. Look here for future news about our Moodie Mission; to turn every lightbulb in America into a party