What would the modern world look like from the first humans' perspective? They'd likely be dazzled by the structures and inventions we've designed to use in our everyday lives. They'd likely also be utterly confused why we spend so much time interacting with our modern machines especially after dark when our ancestors were fast asleep.

This might explain a lot in biological terms, why modern humans have many cognitive and psychological disorders. Up until 100 years ago, our predecessors only had the soft glow of firelight to make use of the dark hours. Scientists are now telling us that critical parts of our cellular mechanisms are set like clocks to the timing of our exposure to light.

These mechanisms are called circadian rhythms and it turns out we have a lot of different rhythms going on inside our bodies. They control cellular metabolism, how we regenerate and regrow tissues and maybe most importantly, the duration and quality of our sleep. It turns out, exposure to artificial lighting like TV, tablets and phones in the evening hours can have a dramatic affect on our ability to get quality sleep.

This may explain why we've seen a rise in prevalence in cognition disorders in kids. Irlen Syndrome is a perceptual processing caused by the brain's inability to process specific wavelengths of light. Individuals who suffer from Irlen syndrome may exhibit symptoms seen in ADHD, autism, migraines and more.

The Irlen Method was designed to diagnose the syndrome and offer treatment in the form of light filtering through the use of color tinted glasses or colored lightbulbs. Testing specific behaviors under different lighting colors can give a trained occupational therapists and medical practitioners the tools to properly treat a patient. Fine-tuning a patient's exposure to color light with the help of Moodies can dramatically affect the response to their environments, especially those with artificial lighting. 

Our ancestors never had to send an email at 11pm. They never checked Facebook sideways in bed with the screen inches from their faces. They never watched videos of cats at midnight, they were busy domesticating them.