Moodies are now available for mass market retail!

For wholesale inquiries, please contact us today to learn about our merchandizing programs.

If you're visiting on behalf of a Friend of Moodies, please include our friend's email address to claim your first store discount! 

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Moodies in stock now in polybag packaging

Available in different retail configurations!


Friends of Moodies Retail Program

Want to earn a free Rainbow Pack of Moodies? Follow these steps and we'll mail you one free Rainbow Pack of goodness!

  1. Visit or contact an independent retailer near you (Gift, Hardware, Party Supply Store) and tell them about Moodies.
  2. Send them the link to this page: and ask them to include your email address.
  3. If your store places an order, we'll give them a 50% discount on their initial order and contact you to send you your free Moodies!
There is no limit on the number of Rainbow Packs you can earn by participating in the program.